Drawing Near to the One Who Draws Near to Me

Recently I heard a song at Passion City Church (if you haven’t been there, definitely go) called “Draw Near.” If you haven’t heard the song, I’m attaching a link to it, go listen.

This song is a great example of how we are to live in times of struggle as Christ followers. When the oceans roar, and the enemy sneaks up, we are to draw near to God and in turn, He will draw near to us. The Bible states in {James 4:8} “Come near to God and He will come near to you…”

As a Christian, I often times get overwhelmed with the problems going on in my life. I get consumed in them and believe that no one else out there has it worse than I do at this moment. You see, when we go through problems, it’s really hard for us to think positively (at least for me it is). This song is a perfect reminder to me that when things get tough, when it seems like we just can’t win, we should look to Jesus, because HE CAN!

There’s a verse in the song that says “You are all that I seek. Still within me the worries of life hear my heart is at peace.” This is a prime example of how the enemy will use things to try and wedge between you and God. How many of you can tell of a time when you were FINALLY at peace, and within ten seconds it seemed like something else was terribly wrong? “If it’s not one things, it’s another,” right? Well, my point is, that’s the enemy. He sees you at peace, he knows that’s only bringing you one step closer in your relationship with God. So what does that little snake do? He starts reminding you of everything you have to worry about. {You remember that test you’re going to fail tomorrow? You remember that dog that’s roaming through the neighborhood destroying everyone’s trash? You remember that MRI you had done, and the results that came back?} GOD tells us that if we draw near to Him in times of stress, worry, and grief, He will draw near to us and we will receive and undeniable peace that masks over all the pain and worry. What is better than that?

Is it not amazing that we have a God who loves us so much? We don’t have to be good enough, strong enough, worthy enough, “perfect” enough to earn His love, grace, and mercy. He tells us that if we draw near to Him, that He will draw near to us. We don’t have to do anything but SEEK HIM. Is that not wonderful? That blows my mind. As I sit here at my work desk drinking my morning coffee, I am almost brought to tears at that amazing grace of God.

Below I’m going to attach the link to the song, and if you’re ever feeling like the enemy just has too much of a strong hold on your life, listen to this song. It talks about God being our hiding place. When you don’t know what to do or where to go, draw near to Jesus. There is no better place than His arms to dwell in. There is no greater love to be covered in than the love of Jesus Christ.



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