To The Girl Who Settled For Less Than She Deserved (Time After Time)

Why do you do it? Why do you allow your heart to believe that you have to settle? Is it because you fear that there will never be anyone good enough to fill all of the expectations that you have? I’m just curious as to why you keep allowing yourself to settle for less than what you deserve, because it never does anything but leave you hurting and alone.

You see, pretty girl, God designed you with your partner in mind. He knew who you would end up with when the time was right. I’m not saying that God created one specific person just for you, and that’s the only person you’re ever going to give your heart to. Because, trust me, falling in love is easy….and you will give your heart away more than once, as I’m sure you’ve probably already done. What I’m trying to say is that God knew who would be the person to not only win your heart, but who would be the person that would keep it until your time here on this earth was over. God knew this, so of course He created us with certain desires and expectations when we look for this potential mate. There is a REASON why you are attracted to guys with brown hair and blue eyes. Guys with facial hair over guys with a baby face. Guys who hold doors and are good with children. There are reasons why you like what you like, and it’s because the guy you’re going to end up with is going to meet all of those expectations, if not exceed them.

So, why worry if you’re alone for a little bit? Why not take JOY in the fact that you’re single? At least you’re not in a relationship that’s abusive, physically or verbally. At least you’re not in a relationship where your life has to revolve around your boyfriend 24/7, leaving you with no time to spend with God. At least you’re not wasting time on the guys that don’t matter; the guys who will bring you nothing but sorrow and pain when they do what all the other wrong guys have, leave.

TAKE JOY IN BEING SINGLE. GUARD YOU HEART. The Bible tells us in Proverbs 4:23 to guard our hearts because God knew that the heart leads us to do crazy things. That’s why God should be the center of our hearts. And relationships, well they should meet all of the expectations that God placed inside our hearts, and further more they should only increase the amount of space that God takes up in our hearts. In other words, love someone who meets your expectations, God gave you them for a reason. Love someone who pushes you closer to God, not someone who is going to distract you from him. This is the kind of love that God wants for you, beautiful. So, stop settling for less than God’s best. Guard your heart and stop letting the enemy get to you and tell you that your expectations are unreal. I promise you, there is someone who you will meet that will not only meet them, but exceed them. And the love that you will have for that person, will be unreal. So stop wasting time on these guys who are only breaking and scarring your heart. You are much too pretty to be walking around frowning all the time.

Put a beautiful, confident smile on that face, like only you can and walk around proud to be single and waiting!


The girl who settled for less than she deserved (time after time).


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