This is my story. This is my song.

Often times we hear people asking “what’s your story?” I know I’ve been asked this time and time again. I’ve also been on the other side of the spectrum, and been the one asking the question. This is a good way to make conversation with people you’ve just met, so why not ask or answer it, whatever your case may be.

The problem here is that most people do not answer the question honestly, or rather they don’t answer it fully. I am one of these people, and chances are, so are you.

Recently I’ve been struggling with this concept. People will ask me personal questions, and I will answer but only to a certain extent. I will tell them whatever it is that I think they want to hear, just to stop the questions that sometimes hurt to answer. This is a problem. Why? On the surface, I didn’t fully understand why this could be an issue, so let me break it down for you the way it was broken down for me.

Many of us don’t like to share our personal issues, struggles, problems, or addictions because we don’t want people to judge us or pity us. Then again, some of us do, for attention or purposes. The problem that lies within these two different types of people is that neither of them are sharing their story for God’s purposes.

We, as humans, tend to think that when we are in the pits, rather than the mountain tops, that God is far from us. When in fact, it is usually the complete opposite. When we are at our worst, that’s when God is usually doing the most work within us. We normally don’t see this until after we’ve come out of the pits we are in, but by that time, we are too ashamed of being in the pit in the first place, that we’d rather just not talk about it.

This is the opposite of how we should be when we come out of the darkness. We should be thankful, and full of worship for a God who works miracles! We should be overjoyed and praising, not hiding the fact that we went through something terrible. We should be HAPPY and READY to share our stories, because sharing our stories, shows people Jesus’ love for us. Our stories bring God glory. So, why then are we so hurt by our dark pasts.

I think the problem is that many of us don’t look back and remember all of the grace God has shown us in our struggles. We tend to forget how wonderful our God is not long after the moment of rescue is over.

I recently heard two songs that have tremendously helped me change my mindset about sharing my story. 1) Big Daddy Weave – My Story and 2) Colton Dixon – Through All of It. If you haven’t listened to these two songs, go do it. Especially if you struggle with glorifying God with sharing your testimony. These songs helped to open my eyes and realize that God has been with me at my best and even more so at my worst. No matter the circumstances, God was there with me every step of the way. Sometimes we forget this when times are tough, that’s just part of our human nature. However, when we look back on these times and tell people about them, it shouldn’t be about “yeah I came out of the storm alive,” it should be “I was lost in the storm, I couldn’t see a thing. I thought I was going to die in the storm. Nothing I could do would get me out, but by the grace of God, Jesus came and met me where I was, right in the middle of the storm and pulled me out!” This should be the story that we tell people. No matter how horrible of a storm it was that we were in, we should let it be known that GOD saw us through it. When we share our story, we shouldn’t do it to show people how far we’ve come. We should share our stories to show how far God had to carry us to get us out.

My story is that I’ve had a life full of struggle and pain; hurt that sometimes still pulls me down. My song is that I have a God who is willing to pick me up each and every time, no matter how far He has to travel into the storm to get me. Anytime that I am asked “what’s your story”, I will answer with a song so loud it will drown out any judgement that may surpass human lips. My song is beautiful and I will sing it forever.


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